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General info

What is xColor?

xColor is a simple-to-use color management tool. Users upload PDFs to xColor to accurately change or manage the color profile of any PDF file. xColor uses DeviceLink technology to make sure colors are translated from screen to print (RGB to CMYK) without losing any vibrancy of the original image.

What is Color Conversion?

Is the process in which you change a file's color profile to another in order to ensure consistent colors on all platforms. It allows you to monitor the color representations on screen and print.

Getting started

How can I try xColor?

We offer a 30 day free trial which you can start by clicking on the Get Started button at the top of the page.

How do I use xColor?

Please check out our tutorial video or read this article on how to use xColor.

What file formats can I convert?

At the moment, xColor converts PDFs only, but we are working on expanding the type of files that can be color converted. Please follow our blog to be notified when this happens.

How many files can I convert using xColor?

All xColor plans include unlimited file conversion, and your files can include several pages.

How many conversion queues can I add?

The amount of queues you can add is unlimited.* Any users can add queues to an xColor account. Note that in order to free up space, queues can be deleted once they are no longer necessary.

How many users can I add?

As an admin user, you can add an unlimited amount of xColor users to your account. You can set their permission to either ‘standard’ or ‘admin’, and, if you are on our Full Spectrum plan, you can assign these users to different locations.

Can I use xColor to convert material for packaging?

xColor does not currently support conversion of packaging material, but we are working on making this part of our offering. Please follow our blog to be notified when this happens.

Can I use xColor to convert pantone, spot colors, or metallic colors?

xColor does not currently support pantone, spot colors, or metallic colors, but we are working on making this part of our offering. Please follow our blog to be notified when this happens.


Which integrations are available?

Currently, xColor can be integrated with the file-sharing vendor Dropbox, but we would love to know which other integrations you would find useful. Please email if you wish to inquire about future integrations, and follow our blog to be notified of new integration releases.


How many locations can I add?

With our Full Spectrum plan you can add up to five locations. Location management is not available with our Cyan and Magenta plan. To add more than five locations please contact us on


How do I pay for xColor?

We want everyone to experience the benefit of our service before making a decision, so you can start your free 14-day trial today at After that, you get billed on a monthly basis based on the plan you have chosen. Payment will be taken using the credit card you entered when confirming your subscription at trial end. To read more about our plans, please go to

Are there any additional charges?

No, at xColor we do not charge any additional costs or hidden costs. You pay the amount specified for the plan that you choose and receive the services you require. There are no ongoing commitments, upfront costs, or hidden costs. It is as easy as that. Note that you can downgrade or upgrade from a plan at any point.

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